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Dream cars, family cars, so many different types of new and pre-owned shiny cars to choose from. It is almost hard to believe the selection. If you look beneath the surface though, you will see that there is a family who have been serving Longmont for decades. Debbie Stapp, and her husband are owners of this Longmont dealership. Debbie and her family are invested in their community and working with non-profits. Four years ago Debbie found HOPE of Longmont. Debbie says, “It was my friend who introduced me to HOPE.” My friend was on the board and she had so many wonderful things to say about HOPE.”  Debbie met with the director at HOPE for coffee. This was the beginning of a partnership, with HOPE’s director, Lisa.

Everything in life changes, and Debbie has been many changes over time. Debbie recalls fond memories of seeing socks and other personal care items given to people who needed them. She has experienced the growth and the way HOPE has developed under the new director, Kimberly Braun. It’s a great experience, being able to attend events, says Debbie. “I always have a great time attending events.” Debbie can see how HOPE is reaching more of the homeless and virtual fundraising, and meeting the needs of so many people. Debbie remembers a casino night event, which was a lot of fun for her. 

The wonderful part about a family business is that Debbie’s sons work the business as well. Debbie couldn’t be prouder to call Longmont their home as well. “My sons grew up in Longmont, and attended school in Longmont.” 

What most touches Debbie’s heart is thinking about the homeless, especially during the cold. “I say a prayer that HOPE is able to reach all those people who need help, says Debbie.”

Debbie and her family will continue partnering with HOPE to make her community even stronger, for the future generations. 

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