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Individually we are but one color.

Together we make a rainbow

Become a Volunteer

HOPE works with hundreds of volunteers who dedicate over 7000 hours each year and we are grateful for every one of them. They are vital to our mission every day. Take a look and see how you can help support HOPE and Longmont’s homeless community.

Join ClubHOPE
Community is the heart of how HOPE accomplishes its mission, so HOPE is stepping forward to offer a club with monthly talks and more. Choose to make a monthly contribution of any amount and you are automatically a ClubHOPE member! Talk with Tim Arnold of the Bridge House: Mental Health and Social Stigma

You have probably seen a friend supporting a non profit they love on Facebook by asking for donations to go there for their birthday, right? This is much easier than you think, and HOPE is creating all sorts of opportunities like this to make it super fun and super easy for you to choose us!

Become a Community Partner

For years local businesses have supported HOPE in wide and varied ways. Do you own a business? Or are you part of an organization that is looking towards acting on their social mission in a local way? We are ready to have a conversation with you about the dynamic, mutually supportive corporate sponsorship opportunities here at HOPE.


Events are an important part of HOPE. These celebrations give us the chance to honor the entire HOPE family, to celebrate successes and name challenges. They give the HOPE family a chance to step forward to support the mission with donations, and to build stronger community.

Friends, we are incredibly grateful for our generosity to us through donations! With a surplus of many items we are going to ask for fewer items right now. We have an ongoing need for building our Soup Angel team and of course donations of any size to support our staff and programming to help our unhoused have a home.

Items Needed

Greatest need:


Email Kimberly with your creative ideas.

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Individually we are but one color. Together we make a rainbow.

“It is in your hands to create a better world for all who live in it.”

– Nelson Mandela

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